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Next Taco Tuesday, you have to try the new kid on the block – Taco Bamba. This gourmet taqueria offers a super unique take on tacos with international flavors and flair. The owner is a culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris who has cooked for many upscale dining establishments in Washington D.C. and beyond. He’s even competed against Bobby Flay!


Some of the most unique tacos on the menu are the Salim Abu Aziz El Khoury which is shawarma spiced zucchini with grilled halloumi cheese, burnt eggplant, chipotle yogurt and herbs, and the El Rico Pollo which is Peruvian chicken with green chili puree, aji amarillo sauce and crispy potato. Yum. Beyond the tacos, you’ll find tortas (sandwiches), nachos, and a bunch of tasty apps to enjoy. Don’t forget the drinks, the specialty cocktails and margaritas are some of the best in town!

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