Grab Your Pies From a Food Truck at Stracci Pizza

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When you picture a pizza, the pies at Stracci Pizza are likely not what’s in your mind. Sure – all the usual ingredients are there, but Stracci Pizza is doing something different. It starts with their crust. A long, cold temperature fermentation process creates pockets in the chewy dough for a fluffy interior and crisp exterior. Then, it’s onto sauce and toppings, plus puddles of signature handmade Stracciatella cheese. The result is thick and satisfying, and unlike the pizzas that you’ll find at any other takeout spot. Try The Brooklyner with meat, chilis, and honey, or an anything-but-basic margarita studded with fresh basil leaves. Stracci Pizza has other unusual sides too, like a fancy pea leaf salad, chicken liver toast, or chilled roasted asparagus. All are great bites, and a wonderful precursor to your deliciously different pie to come. 

Find this new Del Ray food truck in the empty lot on Hume Avenue (right off Mt Vernon Avenue). Preorder is available via their website. 

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