Sip a Pour-Over at Commonwealth Joe in Pentagon City

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Fans of Commonwealth Joe can find their premium roast at cafes all over Virginia, but you have the honor of being able to go right to the source. Visit the flagship location of Commonwealth Joe right in Pentagon City (and just a few short steps from The Paramount) for fresh coffee, delicious bites, and the best selection of all of CJs take-home products. The team at Commonwealth Joe sure do know their way around a French press, and can create a craft beverage using a variety of high-end methods. From pour-overs that pack a punch, to the smoothest of nitro cold brew on tap, Commonwealth Joe has the coffee of your dreams.

Bring your laptop or meet up with friends to enjoy the high ceilings and lively atmosphere, and be sure to shop the retail area for grounds to stock your pantry and a growler or two to keep in the fridge. Or don’t. Commonwealth Joe is so close to you that you can make a stop morning, noon, or night – whenever your coffee cravings hit.  

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