A New Restaurant to Try Near The Paramount: Kabobistan Arlington

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Kabobistan Arlington recently opened its doors, and you can probably guess the kitchen’s specialty. The chef highlights freshly seared kabobs as part of a larger menu of authentic Afghan cuisine. Place an order online to try one of the kabobs at home, either via delivery or takeout.

The kitchen team coats tender pieces of chicken, lamb, and beef in a house-made blend of seasonings before cooking them to perfectly juicy and tender over the grill. If you can’t choose a single skewer, opt for one of the many combination plates instead. You’re also welcome to opt for shrimp, fish, or veggies on your kabob instead. Prefer your kabob in sandwich form? The chef can take any of the above kabobs and tuck the grilled meat inside of naan with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, tzatziki, and the house dressing. Round out your meal with a side such as roasted chickpeas in tomato sauce (a customer favorite), okra, or spinach. And for the final flourish: a triangle of baklava drizzled with sweet syrup and dusted with crushed pistachios.

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