Tops of Old Town: A Must-Visit Hat Shop in Alexandria

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For almost 30 years, Tops of Old Town has ensured that Alexandria’s social butterflies always look stylish. True to its name, the boutique focuses mostly on one area of fashion—the type that tops off an outfit, more commonly known as hats. Tops boasts an upscale array of hats for men and women for all occasions.

While the store offers more muted options for trips to the beach or a casual family party, it really specializes in the opulent. Bold red and orange hats embellished with faux flowers and feathers. Feminine pink hats layered with ribbons and tulle. Shaggy yellow hats that capture the essence of the summer sun. These are just a few of the many options at the high-end hat shop. You’ll also find dresses and suits for special occasions, as well as some accessories for men. In addition to the men’s hats, Tops of Old Town stocks necessary extras such as cufflinks. 

Whether you have something specific in mind or you’re just browsing, you can always expect friendly and expert service from the staff at Tops, too.

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