Shop Gifts for All Occasions at Reunions

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According to the Washingtonian, Reunions reigns as one of the 15 Greatest Gift Shops in the area. Customers seem to agree, calling the local store a “super cute hidden gem” and a place with “a wonderful mix of antiques, vintage, and new.” It’s no wonder why people keep coming back to the self-proclaimed neighborhood gift shop to find new treasures.

Although Reunions doesn’t have an online store, it does have a photo gallery that gives you an idea of what you might find when you stop by. Expect everything from organic and artisan-crafted bath and body products—such as bath bombs and specialty soaps—to sweet plush toys and games. You might find a new wallet or handbag from your favorite brand, or a fresh set of earrings or bracelet to enhance your autumn wardrobe. The shop even offers a small selection of kitchen wares, like cute mugs splashed with portraits of safari animals and water bottles designed to keep your beverage cold all day long. No need to come in with something specific in mind; feel free to just treat yourself to an afternoon of browsing at Reunions.

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