Now Open Near The Paramount: Smashburger in Chinatown

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When was the last time you grabbed fast food and actually enjoyed it? Grab a sandwich at Smashburger today, and tomorrow you’ll be able to confidently answer, “Yesterday.” That’s because this beloved burger chain does fast food differently, enlisting high-quality ingredients (like 100% certified Angus beef) to make a better fast-casual meal.

Since a new branch of Smashburger just opened in Chinatown, you have easy access to the top-notch grub. If you’re not sure where to begin (the menu is massive), start with a signature like the Classic Smashburger. Its Angus beef patty comes embellished with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, and the house-made Smash sauce. Prefer to go meat-free? Get the same burger with a black bean patty instead. Either way, don’t forget to round out your meal with an order of the herb-dusted Smashfries and a velvety-smooth milkshake. The shakes come in both traditional and unique flavors, from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry milkshakes to salted caramel and mocha coffee milkshakes. Note that Smashburger also has pint-sized versions of its meals available if you have a little one in tow.

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