Alexandria’s Original Ghost & Graveyard Tour: Explore Our City’s Haunted History

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With such a long history, it should come as no surprise that Alexandria has racked up its fair share of ghost stories and local folklore. In honor of the spooky season, Alexandria’s Original Ghost & Graveyard Tour is sharing that haunted history with the masses via fun walking tours.

Every weekend until Halloween, multiple daily tours will depart from a meeting spot near Old Town’s waterfront for an eerie adventure. Follow your costumed tour guide’s flickering lantern as he or she unravels the tragic tales of old-timey Alexandria. Keep your eyes peeled for any paranormal activity along the way. After all, the city has a history of unsolved mysteries and murder—many of which took place in the six city blocks that the tour traverses. Even if you don’t spot anything otherworldly, you’ll leave the tour with a better understanding of Alexandria’s backstory. The tour lasts about an hour and costs $15 per adult. Children over the age of nine are welcome to join in the fun. See Alexandria Colonial Tours’ calendar of events for upcoming tour times.

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