Savor European Treats at Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop

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Green tea matcha, steamed milk, and pumpkin spice. Espresso, maple syrup, and cardamom. Organic chamomile tea, homemade lavender syrup, and honey. These are the seasonal combinations that keep bringing customers back to Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop for warm, sweet sips this fall.

The sips aren’t the only things that are sweet! True to its name, Tout de Sweet also specializes in tasty treats for patrons of all tastes. The pastry chef focuses heavily on classic French and other European treats. Expect to see the pastry case stuffed with freshly filled almond croissants and pain au chocolat, fruit danishes and crumbly scones, and pillows of bread pudding crafted using croissant batter. And these are just the breakfast pastries! For dessert, the chefs craft everything from amandine pear tarts and eclairs to macarons, French meringues, and sea salt-caramel pecans. Stop in for a cup of coffee and one or two of the baked goods, or order an assortment to take home for a get-together. Since some of the more popular pastries do tend to sell out, it’s always a good idea to order online before you go.

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