Channel Your Inner Picasso at Paint This!

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New year, new hobby! Embrace your inner artist in 2022 at Alexandria’s Paint This! The local art studio invites novices to walk in, sit down, and start creating. First, though, you’ll have to pick a piece of pottery from the shelves. And thanks to the extensive collection at Paint This!, that part could take some time.

Browse the variety of ceramics to find a piece that suits you perfectly, perhaps a bowl or a dinner plate to add to your kitchen or a figurine or vase to put on display in the living room. You can design a one-of-a-kind pot for your favorite houseplant or craft a personalized picture frame to give as a gift. Once you choose, your studio fee ($8-$12) will cover the cost of the other tools you need to make a masterpiece, including more than 150 different colors of paint. Leave the finished product with the staff to glaze and fire, then you can come and pick it up in a few days. Looking for a more advanced art project? Craft a mosaic mirror or picture frame, or learn how to make something unique using glass-fusing techniques. The staff at Paint This! have all the know-how and materials to get you started.

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