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The Paramount apartments, Arlington, VA
Go Out for Ice Cream at Southwest Soda Pop Shop - The Paramount Blog

Go Out for Ice Cream at Southwest Soda Pop Shop

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A pit stop at the Southwest Soda Pop Shop is highly recommended. The family-owned sweet shop at the Wharf specializes in artisan ice cream cones and other classic sweet treats.

You won’t be disappointed if you swing by for dessert after your dinner! Start by choosing a cake or a sugar cone for your creation, then add a few scoops of chocolate and vanilla, birthday cake and cookies and cream, or cookie dough and butter pecan ice cream to it. If you’re designing a sundae, opt for the chocolate waffle cone instead and load on toppings like chunks of brownie, crushed Reese’s peanut butter cups, or sprinkles. Southwest Soda Pop Shop even includes an array of your favorite childhood cereals on its list of toppings. Prefer a shake or soft-serve? Southwest Soda Pop Shop has those, too, not to mention specialties like the chipwich (with your choice of ice cream), the banana split, and the Cake Explosion, which actually includes a full layer of cake.

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