Experience the Enthralling Story of Poor Man, Rich Soul This Month

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If you haven’t heard the tragic story of Richard “Rich” Soul, then you won’t want to miss the stage production of Poor Man, Rich Soul at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Theatre. From Friday, July 8th to Sunday, July 17th, Jimmy Jenkins will bring his original work to life, following a path paved by the real-life woes of Richard Soul.

The former boxing world champion has departed on a dark journey to what many would call rock bottom. It began with drinking in excess, followed by neglecting his family—and then, he’s accused of murder. Falsely accused, but still convicted. After all, he’s already burned through all of his boxing money, so he can’t afford a top-tier lawyer. As his execution date approaches, Richard is still working to prove his innocence by poking holes in the prosecution’s case. However, along the way, he discovers that he took many things in his former life for granted—much to his detriment. Only upon realizing this can he truly begin to fight for his freedom. Tickets to the show start at $40.

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