Grab Gourmet Groceries and Meals at The Italian Store

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Vincent Tramonte was a lawyer by trade, but an Italian-American by blood. His parents grew up in Italy, moving to New York City before he was born. He eventually left the Big Apple to start his law career in Northern Virginia and quickly found that the Italian cuisine scene was lacking compared to NYC. He noticed other folks of Italian heritage felt the same way. So his family decided to do something about it: they opened The Italian Store.

True to its name, the local shop (now a pair of local shops) dealt strictly in goods from Italy, mostly food and wine. Along with a full menu of subs, pizzas, and desserts crafted from scratch, The Italian Store also stocks gourmet groceries and libations imported directly from Italy. The prepared foods are made in-house using authentic Italian ingredients, and they taste just as delicious as the Italian food Vincent grew up eating in New York. Stop by to grab a strong cup of Italian coffee in the morning or to pick up a large Sicilian pizza after a long day at the office, and you’ll understand why locals love this Italian spot.

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